About us

The South American Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Network (SAPASEN) was designed to provide transnational empirical evidence about physical activity and sedentary behavior in South America, which represents 12% of world's surface and 6% of the global population. This sub-continent presents singular culture and distribution of diseases as well as lifestyle behaviors, especially due to an accelerated urbanization process, recent aging of population and considerable levels of poverty. This initiative aims to form a representative body of researchers and policy makers from all South America countries to establish priorities, targets and actions in short, medium and long-term. 


Following previous actions such as the “AGITA” program, the “Red de Actividad Física de las Américas” (RAFA/PANA) and the “GUIA project”, the SAPASEN aims to impact real policy formulation for health promotion based on evidence according to the singularities of each country/region. Projects are being designing to provide a solid empirical base about the distribution and regional determinants of physical activity and sedentary behaviour. Adopting research translation models, these projects will focus on policy-relevant research, real-world natural experiments, and cost-effectiveness studies. Encouraging an inclusive and collaborative effort, we expect that SAPASEN can support the connection between researchers from South America as well as provide a better comprehension of the epidemiology of physical activity and sedentary behavior locally.